DAA-009 Stark Simplicity

The latest release from our partners at Dancing About Architecture is a delicate mix of minimal backdrops and subtle motion. Stark Simplicity is lightly dramatic with touching melodies, and stripped-down orchestration. Listen for live piano, pizzicato strings, and quiet percussion.

Perfect for use in documentary films and reality television. If you’re looking for music with a gentle pulse and heartfelt undertones this should be a lovely fit. 

You can preview and download here


The vocoder—part military technology, part musical instrument—has had quite a history. Through interviews with musicians and vocoder specialists, our latest Object of Interest video focuses on a tool that’s been everywhere from World War II to Kraftwerk parties.

Still sounds fresh as ever.

(Source: newyorker.com, via khaaaaan)

Do you wonder what a music supervisor actually does? Check out this helpful film for details. 

As a production music company we do our best to make relevant, modern, useful music for placements in film, television and advertising.

3ING-035 Kibbles & Bits vol. 2

Kibbles & Bits from our Three Ingredients catalog is morning television music for the Nickelodeon generation.

A playful tour of childhood lightheartedness. This hodgepodge is a fun and mischievous listen throughout. 

You can preview and download here

What a beautiful song from this Norwegian songstress…