Ann Powers goes long on the fast-rising East Nashville music scene, from the producer behind Alabama Shakes and Hurray for the Riff Raff, to veterans like The Ettes, to the transplants like Clear Plastic Masks, to the newbies like Ranch Ghost (via nprmusic)


With album sales down and recording budgets slashed, what does the future hold for studios? Katherine Rose photographs the sites that have kept faith in the music. More photos here

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MOPM-029 Leisure Suite

Live a life of leisure and luxury while listening to the new release from Modus Operandi Production Music.

Allow yourself to drift away on a wave of rum punch and Xanax induced daydream haze. The ocean is where you belong, but today you’re stuck in the grind…

This is elevator music custom made for cubicle dreams, office romance, awkward waiting rooms, and retro lounge tales… ideal for travel site advertising, sunscreen commercials, tropical drink culture, and satirical DMV ads.

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Stefan Sagmeister - You Are Not A Storyteller

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