PLAY-003 Playlist vol. 3

Volume 3 from our Playlist Production Music Series has songs with vocals in styles ranging from indie rock and alternative to rap and pop.

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OSPK-043 Party Rock Promos

Pedal to the metal, all out party rock promos from our Rock n’Roll saviors at Organic Spark.

Active and fun, these are energy driven tunes with fast riffs and chunky power chords. Think Weezer meets Cheap Trick for a night out on the town but those damn fools from Mötley Crüe keep showing up with their kids and trashing the place. Lots of “Woo Hoo’s” and “Na Na Na” vocal shouts to keep the party moving… and for you Wah-wah fans there’s plenty of fuzzed-out, string bending, sonic mayhem.

These tracks are perfect for sport promos, selling anything with 4 (or more) wheels, daycare rebellions, and thrownin’ one back with your buddies. So pull out your white, ribbed, skin-tight tank-top and party.

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DAA-009 Stark Simplicity

The latest release from our partners at Dancing About Architecture is a delicate mix of minimal backdrops and subtle motion. Stark Simplicity is lightly dramatic with touching melodies, and stripped-down orchestration. Listen for live piano, pizzicato strings, and quiet percussion.

Perfect for use in documentary films and reality television. If you’re looking for music with a gentle pulse and heartfelt undertones this should be a lovely fit. 

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The vocoder—part military technology, part musical instrument—has had quite a history. Through interviews with musicians and vocoder specialists, our latest Object of Interest video focuses on a tool that’s been everywhere from World War II to Kraftwerk parties.

Still sounds fresh as ever.

(Source:, via khaaaaan)

Do you wonder what a music supervisor actually does? Check out this helpful film for details. 

As a production music company we do our best to make relevant, modern, useful music for placements in film, television and advertising.