New Music Roundup - June 2019


Greetings from the Lab!

This collection of new releases is pretty, pretty dark. But don’t worry, we’ve got some spritely classical guitar in here for you as well. Lots of Drama and Electronic drones here for all of your soundtrack, documentary, and mood pieces. Wade through the danger, magic, and a dystopian future...only to find yourselves in the lush countryside of Spain.

Label: Minds and Music

Album: Danger Drones (MAM-044)

Brief Description: Dangerous music beds and drones create the perfect setting for any television feature or documentary film focusing on the big cover ups out there. You don’t have to look far. Investigative acoustic instruments collaborate with synthetic sound design to create an eerie and leading environment.

Prevalent Keywords: Disturbing, Cinematic, Dangerous, Foreboding, Documentary, Dramatic, Mysterious

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Drama

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Minds and Music

Album: Magic & Mysticism (MAM-045)

Brief Description: When we think about the concept of mysticism the idea of magic appears in our minds. The supernatural possibilities excite our senses, awakening the third eye. From calm grooves to tap into our transcendental energies, to heart-pounding rhythms, try not to get lost while traveling through time and space.

Prevalent Keywords: Cinematic, Percussive, Dramatic, Adventure, Driving, Tense, Serious

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Electronic, Indie

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Ultraphonic

Album: Aerials (ULT-063)

Brief Description: Let’s get lost in the fluid, serene soundscapes of Aerials. A moving soundtrack for exploration, questions, and answers, all with perfectly paced movement and motion.

Prevalent Keywords: Reflective, Discovery, Rhythmic, Futuristic, Investigative, Contemplative, Floating

Genre(s): Indie, Electronic, Soundtrack, Drama

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Ultraphonic

Album: Nocturnia (ULT-064)

Brief Description: Dive deep down into dark and tense electronica. It can be a little scary in the dark. After all, who knows what’s out there? These tracks amplify all of that uncertainty and fear.

Prevalent Keywords: Drone, Haunting, Building, Dramatic, Sinister, Unsettling, Ominous 

Genre(s): Drama, Electronic, Soundtrack

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Dancing About Architecture

Album: Dystopian Drama (DAA-024)

Brief Description: The darkness of the cyber crimes unit awaits. Menacing and faceless criminals run free, and their prey is none the wiser. Programmed drums and synth drones lead the way through the dark web, perfect for contemplative criminal activity in film and drama.

Prevalent Keywords: Serious, Threatening, Pulsating, Energetic, Driving, Anticipation, Action

Genre(s): Drama

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Analog Champion

Album: Spanish Guitar (ACPM-021)

Brief Description: There’s something magical about rustic fingerstyle classical guitar, these old-world selections from a European cratedigging expedition. We’ve got tracks that not only give you the feel-good vibes of the Spanish sunshine, but the passionate and emotive hopeless romantic as well.

Prevalent Keywords: Enchanting, Romantic, Exotic, Elegant, Bouncy, Nostalgic, Attitude

Genre(s): Soundtrack

Notable Track Titles: