New Music Roundup - July 2019


Greetings from the Lab!

From the sands of eastern Asia to the streets of New York, these new releases take us all over the map. The variety ensures that there is something for everyone with complex piano and guitar soundscapes, dirty blues riffs, ethnic drums, energetic funk, and killer breakbeat montages. Get some!

Label: Ultraphonic

Album: Pentimenti (ULT-065)

Brief Description: Complex and evolving piano layers play with both light and dark moods, swirling soundscapes that paint musical pictures in analog paints and circuitry. There’s a repetitive, looping, and loping feeling to these tracks. Piano lines morph into melodies with synthesizers rising from the depths.

Prevalent Keywords: Suspenseful, Abstract, Discovery, Building, Eerie, Ominous, Pulsating

Genre(s): Electronic, Soundtrack, Drama

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Ultraphonic

Album: Azimuth (ULT-066)

Brief Description: Azimuth is full of global beats and grooves, centering us with earthy tracks that evoke exploration and the thrill of the unknown, ancient mysteries. Full of ethnic percussion and instruments, this album takes your all over the world.

Prevalent Keywords: Uplifting, Documentary, Ethnic, Enchanting, Spiritual, Rhythmic, Percussive

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Folk

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Organic Spark

Album: Garage Booze Vol. 2 (OSPK-075)

Brief Description: Blues riffs full of swagger and maybe a few boilermakers. Stomps, claps, and dirty guitars give this album a real swampy attitude. Burns a little at first, but goes down smooth. Partners perfectly with placements that have an emphasis on authenticity and spirit.

Prevalent Keywords: Rural, Twang, Percussive, Bluesy, Confident, Rebellious, Sweaty

Genre(s): Rock

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Ultraphonic

Album: Acoustic Awakenings (ULT-067)

Brief Description: Minimal and tranquil guitar immersions that give us the space to quiet our minds and let the inspiration flow. Finger picked guitar and a heavy complement of ethereal synths, fx, and pads lead us to optimistic contemplations and conclusions.

Prevalent Keywords: Atmospheric, Floating, Contemplative, Ambient, Chill, Reflective, Calm 

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Indie

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Eyeballs & Eardrums

Album: Filthy Funk (E&E-027)

Brief Description: Nasty grooves and riffs, performed live in one room while under the influence of archival wax jams, a myriad of inside jokes, and multiple substances of varying legality. Featuring Angie Swan on guitar (David Byrne, Cee Lo). This is some serious funk with deep grooves and jams.

Prevalent Keywords: Funky, Retro, Edgy, Attitude, Soulful, Strut, Fun

Genre(s): Urban

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Analog Champion

Album: Hip-Hop (ACPM-022)

Brief Description: The boom box microphone rebellion has returned, long after the old neighborhood turned into condos. We’ve got loads of breaks, dirty samples, vintage organs, and funky lines that will make you wish for the early days of the industry defying genre.

Prevalent Keywords: Lo-fi, Bouncy, Attitude, Cheesy, Rhythmic, Arcade, Driving

Genre(s): Hip-Hop, Urban

Notable Track Titles: