Getting Lost in Hollywood


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Photo credit:  Ryan Tanaka

Photo credit: Ryan Tanaka

What an incredible evening. We’d first like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who came and shared the night with us. We truly appreciate you doing this with us. 

It’s important for us to show you who we are. We want you to know who you are doing business with. And for us, a big part of our identity is our extended family, our community. By hosting an event in Los Angeles, we saw an opportunity to bring our worlds together, to share some of the magic of our hometown with our friends and colleagues on the west coast. So let us introduce you to the cast of characters who helped us create this experience, the 3 ingredients that joined forces to make this a memorable evening.

Delightful Cocktail Creations by Lost Whale

Inspired by a local April Fool’s article about whales being spotted in Lake Michigan (whales can’t live in freshwater!), Lost Whale is making waves in the cocktail industry. Captained by industry veterans Tripper Duval and Daniel Beres, the Lost Whale crew has made a name for themselves by inventing vibrant, unique, and sometimes breakfast cereal themed cocktails. Their mix of whimsy, humor, and a deep passion for the craft has landed them features in national publications like Forbes, earning a spot on the list of best new cocktail bars in the United States. With their bar just a few miles east of our Milwaukee headquarters, Lost Whale is a creative force in our hometown community and a great representative of what’s going on here.

We’ve worked with Lost Whale a number of times now and they continue to deliver on all fronts. They went above and beyond to create a one-night only tonic syrup for the signature Ultraphonic Tonic (named for, and sponsored by, our dear friends Ultraphonic), working with another MKE favorite, Bittercube Bitters.

If you find yourself in our neck of the woods, you have to head to Bayview and try the “Oops, Not Berry” at Lost Whale. But don’t take our word for it.

By having an event in Los Angeles, we saw an opportunity to bring our worlds together, to share some of the magic of our hometown community with our friends and colleagues on the west coast.

Emotive Chillhop DJ Sets by Strehlow

Go to the Soundcloud and Instagram of Cristian Strehlow and you’ll see a three word statement in his bio: “i like you.” The title of his recent EP on Chillhop Music is “Sleep In, Love.”

As you can see, this guy has a big heart. And when you listen to his music, you hear him pour that heart into each track, creating sounds and beats that transport you to wherever you want to go. This is not only clear in the music he releases under his artist name, Strehlow, but in the music he has composed for our catalog as well.

You’ll hear his fingerprints on HypeKit, Eyeballs & Eardrums, and UNDERscore, producing music that is impeccably designed, balancing slick and ultramodern production with uniquely human elements that keep each track grounded. It isn’t in his DNA to write cold and robotic music. His heart is just too big. Did we mention that Strehlow also hails from our neck of the woods before relocating to Los Angeles last year? 

Uncommon and Intimate Ambience by The Spare Room

When we set out to find a venue for an industry event, we look for a lot of things… but the perfect vibe is at the very top of our list. We care deeply about the experience of our guests and it all starts with curating the right environment.

Described as a “gaming parlor and cocktail lounge,” The Spare Room immediately resonated with us and stood out from the usual industry event settings. They’ve swapped out sticky barroom floors with tasteful decor, and crowded tables with comfortable seating and a two-lane bowling alley to create a more inviting atmosphere. It was the ideal setting to gather and make some memories with new friends, potential partners, and colleagues around delicious drinks.

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