New Music Roundup - September 2019


Greetings from the Lab!

Releasing new music is always a thrill for us at The License Lab, but we find it especially fun when there is such eclectic offering to share with you. This roundup is certainly one of those. From authentic Indian instrumentation to an occasionally sinister harp to shopping-spree-madness-infused rock and roll, these albums absolutely run the gamut. Here’s a grab bag of delightful sonic surprises. 

Label: Ultraphonic

Album: Granular Harp (ULT-070)

Brief Description: The harp is an instrument that mesmerizes with its immensely beautiful tones, range, and versatility. These emotional harp movements lean in to that versatility, creating soundscapes that capture the imagination, hypnotize and relax, and even hint at some darkness and mischief. Tracks are then augmented with light fx, pads, and programmed drum machine.

Prevalent Keywords: Cosmic, Documentary, Ethereal, Heavenly, Discovery, Calm, Elegant

Genre(s): Drama, Soundtrack

Notable Track Titles:


Label: 3 Ingredients Or Less

Album: Brain Food Vol. 2 (3ING-066)

Brief Description: Imagination, discovery, and curiosity will be out in full force when these percussive and energetic tracks start grooving. With a healthy dose of handclaps, shaker, and tambourine, the uplifting guitars pull your brain out of its non-caffeinated state and provide your mind with the nourishment it needs. Perfect for sunny spots and internal corporate messaging.

Prevalent Keywords: Charming, Bouncy, Corporate, Fun, Cheerful, Rhythmic, Quirky

Genre(s): Folk, Soundtrack, Indie

Notable Track Titles:


Label: HypeKit

Album: Future Pop (HK-16)

Brief Description: These forward thinking promo constructions are ready-made for crowd pumping heat inducers... trending support for influencer hopping, hypetastic features, technicolor adverts, and branded content marketing. Vocal samples and sexy grooves make for moving and epic tracks.

Prevalent Keywords: Energetic, Thumping, Cheerful, Abstract, Adrenaline, Confident, Anthemic

Genre(s): Electronic, Hip-Hop

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Organic Spark

Album: Smash & Grab (OSPK-077)

Brief Description: When the doors open and the biggest sales of the year are on, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. Smash & Grab is retail riot promo rock, laced with adrenaline and uninhibited decisions. Take the brashness of the school yard and transplant it into the box stores. Don’t be surprised if grandma starts throwin’ elbows.

Prevalent Keywords: Aggressive, Attitude, Rebellious, Edgy, Youthful, Retro, Driving

Genre(s): Rock, Indie

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Minds and Music

Album: Karma & Kurkuma (MAM-046)

Brief Description: The sounds of India, surrounding you in a warm and inviting atmosphere that consumes the senses. Sitar, tanpura, bansuri, and a host of authentic Indian instruments bring each track to life, breathing new life and energy into the listener.

Prevalent Keywords: Bittersweet, Adventure, Evocative, Ethnic, Meditative, Gentle, Spiritual

Genre(s): Soundtrack

Notable Track Titles:


Label: Minds and Music

Album: Hurting Hearts (MAM-047)

Brief Description: This album poses the question: Do you think it’s possible to die of a broken heart? Round and round we go on the seemingly never ending train of new love and heartbreak. There is a distinctively retro vibe to these tracks, accentuating the timeless struggle of love lost and found. Emotive and lush strings, a tight rhythm section, and the occasional well-placed vocal bring the music to life. Hang in there, friend.

Prevalent Keywords: Charming, Passionate, Gentle, Contemplative, Emotional, Introspective, Retro

Genre(s): Soundtrack, Indie, Drama, Folk

Notable Track Titles: