We exist. The License Lab is a thing.

Okay… deep breath… realizing we’ve only hit the starting line, not a finish line of any kind, but we’re motivated and psyched beyond words.

First, some quick acknowledgements…

Our ace branding—designed by none other than the inimitable Aaron Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. in Portland, OR—still excites us even though we’ve been looking at it every day for the better part of 2011. Love it, love it, love it… thank you, Aaron, for starting us off on exactly the right foot.

Our shiny new (iPad-friendly and 100% Flash-free) website has been designed and coded by the incredible team at Instrument, also in Portland, OR. Huge thanks go to everyone there, from Instrument’s principals—longtime friend, JD Hooge (who designed our BurstLabs.com venture and the original Burst Collective branding a decade ago), Vince LaVecchia, and Justin Lewis—to the development team of Jonathan, Bob, Ryan, Thomas, Stefanie, Phong, Truen, Mark, and the original coding and design dynamic duo of Martin Linde and Shawn Petersen… just can’t thank them enough for giving us a strong framework on which to build our business.

The fine folks at Australia’s Harvest Media, including Angus, Domenic and Roland, have been super helpful and supportive as we’ve hacked their API and added some new stuff to their already-amazing backend.

We also have a pretty talented team of people ready to kick some ass, some of whom are active here on tumblr, such as Matt and Daniel, as well as (not so active on tumblr… nudge nudge) Mike and Kyle, our Partner and Business/Sales honcho Dennis, our fantastic new assistant Brooke, our data-wrangler/social-savvster/music-supervisor Andrew (also an active tumblr, indieandyy), new audio master guru Justin, and fantastic content partners like Ken and Scott of Global Genius and Sam Ecoff of Red Rocket.

Lots to do between now and the beginning of 2012, but we wanted to take a minute to thank those who helped us get started, and provide an advance peek at the company and our new site to our tumblr friends and family. So, thanks!

Now back to work.

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